Doctors – Life Planning Story


(From 32 white mountains in mouth to many more in Himalayas… )

..after an intense session of over 90 minutes, Sandesh finished the intricate root canal treatment. The Google lady from his table clock announced that it was 10 pm. Taking off his finger-tight rubber gloves n the mask, he smiled and held a mirror in front of the patient’s new dental fixtures. The patient smiled back & left in satisfaction. The receptionist walked in & reminded him that he had to travel to Mumbai for 4 more procedures scheduled for tomorrow. Sandesh was disturbed.

His wife Chitra & the kids had already had their dinner. Being a Yoga instructor and a health conscious lady of the house, having meals in time was a priority for her. For Sandesh, this was a luxury, which evaded him almost everyday. It was just half-an-hour before midnight that Sandesh could spare himself for the supper.

With a genuine concern Chitra asked him, “you look more upset than hungry, anything serious?”

“Have to start tomorrow at 5.30 am to dodge all the rush on expressway. You know, I don’t enjoy travelling to Mumbai, I just can’t… But we need to earn a lot for better education & future of Eera-n-Ayush. No matter how much we earn, come end of month, everything is exhausted. I feel so trapped & guilty!”

“As of now, just focus on your health & not wealth Doctor. Off late, I have been listening to vlogs of a professional life planner. Have a strong feeling, he will guide us with a way out positively.”

An initial exchange of smiles & formalities, Chitra told me about the intent of their visit. They were all words while talking about current routine, responsibilities & need to generate sufficient wealth. Intentionally, I interrupted them and asked, “Sandesh, at this moment, if a Jinn appears and rewards you with more than whatever you ask for, what would you do tomorrow? Don’t tell me HOW MUCH you want, tell me WHAT you want! You may take your time but answer this first and only then we’ll take this ahead.”

To my surprise within half-a-minute Sandesh told me. “I would cancel Mumbai plans, finish all my weekly local appointments and dash for the mountains. After getting married, I haven’t ever even thought of Mountaineering which is so near and dear to my heart.”

“That’s it Sandesh & Chitra! Please handover your concerns & worries of generating such kind of wealth to us. Sandesh, treating the 32 teeth, the so called white mountains, is where lies your Skill and your Soul belongs to the real mountains. Dear friend, please don’t get stuck in these 32 white or off-white mouth mountains from your patients. Go beyond and reach the real snow peaks of Himalayas…“

Being Certified Planners & empathetic listeners, we used a TORCH to help them envision their wishful future. Professionally, we laid out a wealth creation plan with their own desires & priorities with a strong cash flow, insurance & port folio for them. Needless to say, everything went well accordingly. Soon, month ends became charming, not scorching anymore…

Just a week ago, I had a call from the lady of the house elaborating the changed life of the couple & their home. A smooth monthly cash flow had spread a cool in the family and even the main bread-winner was not stressed anymore.

FYI, a cozy foursome have started for an expedition to Chandrakhani Pass in the Himalayas. I feel happy and accomplished as I don’t need to reiterate the four names…

Well, as they always say, “Never give up your passion today in exchange for safe tomorrow…”

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What attendee have to say about the workshop

“Niraj Nanal has been my financial consultant and planner for the last 10 years. His method of understanding your requirements and making plans for future liabilities has enabled me to create a reasonable fund for my daughter’s higher education abroad. Disciplined and goal-based investing are the highlights of his strategies. I would strongly recommend him if you want to ensure that financial dreams turn into realities.”
– Dr Amit Parasnis
“Thank you Niraj for removing the stresses involved in investing money and giving a structure to our finances – financial and life planning done in a scientific manner!!”
– Girish Krishnan


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