Corpo’RACE’ Executive [ ‘tar’GET-SET-GO to ‘life’GET-SET-GO ]

Corporate Executive – Life Planning Story

Corpo’RACE’ Executive [ ‘tar’GET-SET-GO to ‘life’GET-SET-GO ] 

Jay worked as a Sales Head at a renowned Corporate organisation. He had quite an analytical approach weighing pros-n-cons of every move & decision in life. Riya, was an exemplary wife – A selfless, loving, caring, considerate ‘DO’er of the family working as An Efficient software professional at a small company. Just like every other lady! Blessed with Ishita & Aryan, they made a sweet adorable family. Jay’s life was that of a typical Corporate Executive. Everything initiated, raced, revolved, evolved & perpetuated just around one keyword – ‘TARGET’. But there was a tinge of Gray as well! Being part of a typical corporate ladder, work life is ruthless & cruel in a way! Extreme pressures had taken a toll on his health. Wayword work hours, irregularities in food habits, helpless travels at odd hours, had taken toll on his health. He became overweight, extreme diabetic & subsequently a BP patient. Besides, the frequent travel had made inroads to his family time. The couple earned really well, but… Money, it seemed, was never ‘enough’ in a sense. Unorganised pattern of living & spending resulted in just the obvious – evergrowing cash crunch. During one sales travel enroute back to India, Jay found out about our Life Planning. After a split second thought, he immediately connected with us & booked an Exploration Session the same weekend. And here I was, sitting across this lovely couple… “Everything is on a toss. No matter how much we both earn, it disappears & I don’t even have time to think about where the hell did we spent it?”. Jay was now firing with all gun about his stress & dispairs. After his initial outburst, I persuaded him to just go on & take everything out on the table. After almost half-an-hour, as they experienced the comfort, warmth & piece from the session, I asked about what he loves & pries for ‘the most’! That was the moment of enlightment where both of them realised that this was not regarding what they do for living but rather what they want to do with their life…. Jay had spent his childhood in Gulf. His fond memories were from the Gulf & that too with his beloved mother. He wanted to travel with his mother to visit Gulf again as a family trip & not as a sales trip. They dreamt of visiting Disneyland with Ishita & Aryan. In short, now that burried bucketlist had started breathing. Rationalizing their finances seemed like a nightmare. But with some strict & immediate corrective actions, we did achieve that at a brisk pace. Earlier, they used to stumble at various decisions but our session helped them set their real priorities in an order, which mattered most to their life. A job opportunity in Delhi was a turn around decision but no hasstles for him in arriving at the right decision, as the clarity about priorities was now set in his mind. Now Jay is very excited, focussed. He consistently spends time with his family. Last month, they visited Oman along with his mother & stretched their Gulf tour to experience the Disney Land with Ishita & Aryan. I feel most happy as the couple sorted out things themselves, I was just a facilitator. Earlier, it was “tarGET – SET – GO” for him. Now he is happy thinking.., “lifeGET – SET – GO”!!!

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What attendee have to say about the workshop

“It has been a little more than 8 years that I have been working with Niraj to help plan my finances. The whole life planning exercise was something novel for us way back than and we have seen the benefits of it driving our financial plan over the period of time. I find Niraj to be an extremely pragmatic financial planner who does not push products for the sake of doing so. Ethical in his dealings he always understands the customers perspective before suggesting anything. It has been a good experience so far and he comes recommended.”
– Mayur Joshi
“Financial planning is an important aspect of our lives that we scarcely put any focus on. Most people simply go with the flow, or go down an ill-advised route based on advice received from elders in the family. Since coming into contact with Niraj we have been able to focus on the issues/problems that require attention and have been able to make best use of our resources in building for the future as well as living life to the fullest as we go. Also inculcates a culture of financial discipline.”
– Renju Abraham


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