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What is your New Year Resolution ???

New Year is a time to make new resolutions. We all make New Year resolutions; some of us follow through many do not.

But if you are serious about your money and want to make a resolution to change your financial life for this year then following points may help you.

  • Earning Money is not sufficient

If you are an employee who works for a paycheck from 9 to 9 or a businessman who slogs to take his/her business to new heights, please understand only earning money is not sufficient!!!

You need to be smart about how you are earning your money and most importantly how you are utilizing your money (Investing).

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If you do not do this effectively you will end up being a slave to money – constantly selling your time to earn money.

  • Your attitude towards money

There is a saying that attitude is everything. It fits perfectly well with regard to money.
We all create certain beliefs and attitude towards money since our childhood.
The important question is however do we constantly challenge them and change them according to dynamic situations
Many of us still hold on to beliefs which are no longer relevant in today’s era and our current life but we still cling on to them and mess up our financial situation

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  • Money is a means to an end

Money is not an end but a means to an end. Sometimes we forget this and keep earning money without directing it to meaningful goals.

Having a profound vision and life plan will really help you to simplify your life !

George Kinder [VIDEO]

  • Time given for financial education

We all work for 10-12 hours for earning money; but we seldom give time for understanding money and financial education.

We often say that woman are liberated in 21st century but when it comes to money still many educated and career oriented woman give it a pass when it comes to money management.
They still depend on their husband’s wisdom for the same.
The time you will give for understanding your money will decide the degree at which you will earn your financial freedom

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