Do you know your Target?

If you have the best gun and lots of bullets but you don’t know where to aim. Your firing will be of no use.

In the same way the money you are earning and saving you do; But you don’t know where to aim, you don’t have a worthwhile goal, an inspiring vision for your life you will end up wasting your resources.


So if you are serious & really want to bring your financial life on track let’s start

1. Answer these 3 questions

Question #1
I want you to imagine that you are financially secure, that you have enough money to take care of your needs, now and in the future. The question is…how would you live your life? Would you change anything? Let yourself go. Don’t hold back on your dreams.

Describe a life that is complete, that is richly yours.

© George D. Kinder 1999, 2010

Question #2
This time you visit your doctor who tells you that you have only 5 – 10 years left to live. The good part is that you won’t ever feel sick. The bad news is that you will have no notice of the moment of your death. What will you do in the time you have remaining to live?

Will you change your life and how will you do it?

© George D. Kinder 1999, 2010

Question #3
This time your doctor shocks you with the news that you have only one day left to live. Notice what feelings arise as you confront your very real mortality. Ask yourself:

What did I miss? Who did I not get to be?

What did I not get to do?

© George D. Kinder 1999, 2010

2. Complete this chart –

Goals for Your Life

3. Imagine & articulate your IDEAL Day –

Ideal Day
Please describe hour by hour, how you would spend your ideal day – each day of your life – if you had all the resources you need to live exactly as you would like.

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