Should you buy a Farm House !

Should you buy a Farm House !

Should you buy a Farm House

Farm House Ghyaychi House Ahe Ka?

Clarity of Purpose –

Why you want to buy a Farm House?

Is it because everybody else is doing it?
You find the idea of living in nature quite exciting?
You think you need to own land amidst nature?
My land price will go up?

If these are your motivations to buy a farm house then chances are you will end up making a dead investment.
You can consider buying a farm house only and only if you are 100 % convinced that you will like to spend considerable time (Approx. 6 months in a year) at the place.

If not you can always enjoy nature, village life by staying in a resort or hotels of your choice.

Some factors to consider:

Gated community –

Ensure that the scheme you will select will have all the basic amenities like roads, electricity, water, basic security etc.

How many people are going to construct a house –

Please check in the scheme which you are going to select vis-a-vis how many people are actually going to construct a house in that scheme. After studying the project if you see that very few people are going to construct a house in that plotting scheme then it makes sense to avoid that scheme.

Credibility of a promoter –

This goes without saying. You need to check the legal title and the track record of the promoter.

Of late we have heard a lot of horror stories of how the farm house schemes ended in a scam. Ensure the legitimacy of the project

Distance from your existing Location –

It always makes sense to select a location for a farm house near to your existing location (your house in the city) as it will increase your chances of utilizing the farm house more often.

Cost of ownership –

Please remember that financial commitment does not end after buying a farm house .There is a considerable cost of ownership which you have to incur every year
Many people do not factor in these costs and so many times their financial calculation goes for a toss.

Hope this is helpful to you.

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