Niraj is a certified Financial Planner and a Registered Life Planner with a solid experience of more than a decade. His forte and Unique Value Proposition is to give clarity about financial and life goals with an interpersonal and customized touch.

Niraj has inspired many people to achieve financial freedom and flexibility in life via effective life planning processes. George Kinder is hailed as the Father of the Life Planning Movement worldwide. Niraj, being the only RLP, assisted him in his first RLP program conducted in India.




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Financial Year Ending……

Wed Mar 07 2018

Financial Year Ending……. We are on the verge of completing yet another Financial Year ! ! ! Have you taken tim…


January 12, 2024

Why Start Early

There are many reasons to start investing early. A few of them may be Financial Discipline, developing good financial habits, and most
December 19, 2023

Importance of Meaningful Goals in your Life

All of us are earning money and trying to plan for our future. But unless we explore and identify our most important
December 1, 2023

मनातील पैसा आणि पैशाांतील मन

– डॉ यश वेलणकर

तुम्हाला किती पैसे मिळतात,त्यातील किती पैशांची बचत करायची,कुठे किती गुंतवणूक करायची ,भविष्यात किती पैसे लागतील याचा तुम्ही विचार करता का? करत असाल



    Rahul ApteMithun RajGirish Krishnan
  • We were introduced to Niraj via a common friend and the journey of life planning commenced. The experience has been a very enriching one and a lot of time is effort is spend in the initial part just discussing the goals that you have as an individual and as a family. There is shift in a thought process from “saving for a rainy day, procrastinating your goals” to planning effectively so that you can really assign a time frame and go after your goals. The journey so far has been great and we now have some key milestones coming up and are excited to work with Niraj towards realization.
    Rahul Apte
  • Niraj Nanal has been my financial consultant and planner for the last 10 years. His method of understanding your requirements and making plans for future liabilities has enabled me to create a reasonable fund for my daughter’s higher education abroad. Disciplined and goal-based investing are the highlights of his strategies. I would strongly recommend him if you want to ensure that financial dreams turn into realities.
  • Financial planning is an important aspect of our lives that we scarcely put any focus on. Most people simply go with the flow, or go down an ill-advised route based on advice received from elders in the family. Since coming into contact with Niraj we have been able to focus on the issues/problems that require attention and have been able to make best use of our resources in building for the future as well as living life to the fullest as we go. Also inculcates a culture of financial discipline.
    Renju Abraham
  • It was great way to get perspective on achieving Life Goals through the Financial Planning. I am pleased to have been able to bring complicated life decisions into TANGIBLE form. I think it has set me in the right direction of maximizing wealth and achieving goals. Would very much recommend others to embark on the Financial Planning Process with Niraj!
    Mithun Raj
  • Thank you Niraj for removing the stresses involved in investing money and giving a structure to our finances - financial and life planning done in a scientific manner !!
    Dr Girish Krishnan
  • Niraj is a true Life Planning Professional. Having gone through the process that NRFC have designed, decision making and clarity of thoughts come to the fore - thereby allowing one to make informed decisions based on the criteria laid by themselves. The financial plan follows suit, but truly makes sense and helps one appreciate the inputs of one's significant other, and the life planner - in creating a well-rounded plan, with the assurance of hand-holding on a continued basis. As a person, we found Niraj warm-hearted, calm and intelligent. His attention to detail and ability to listen makes him a clear choice, as a Life Planner. His team is very professional and punctual. All in all, a well-rounded experience and we would recommend Niraj and team to family and friends, with complete trust & confidence. Best wishes.
    Daniel Raravi
  • Entire process of Life Planning was extraordinary, it is a very unique approach of first exploring what is core to your heart and then work to achieve all those goal. Was surprised to see how some tough/complex goals were achieved in near term just because they were setup and executed as part of this process, in normal course I would have just dreamt of achieving them. Once the life plan is laid out, the financial planning is done meticulously ensuring all life goal are met and risks addressed. Very pleased to have found such expertise and competency to handhold at every setup of life and financial planning.
    Mahendra Saraf